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>>> IMPORTANT NOTE: The inf109.piu update is very large (1.2GB). <<<
>>> It will take AT LEAST 20 minutes for this update to install. <<<
>>> "Update Detected - Verifying" will typically display for 20-30 minutes. Please be patient during this process. <<<


Previous updates must be installed prior to installing 1.09

This update is in two parts. First, you must update with inf108.piu.
After that update is complete, you must update with inf109.piu.
It is safe to place both update files on the flash drive at the same time.

To apply patch, place update files in the root of your flash drive and
plug it in on the title screen. (Your credits will be saved once the
machine reboots.) Make sure flash drive is formatted "FAT".


-New Songs:
Moonshard - Triplestar: S6 / S10 / S13 / S19 / S23 / D10 / D14 / D18 / D25
Trident ov Power - Magic Hammer: S4 / SP5 / S7 / S10 / S13 / D3 / D10 / D14 / D18 / 3P17
Incubator (Shortcut) - /DJS\: S5 / S14 / S18 / D15 / D19
Dance On Fire: Retribution (Shortcut) - Magic Hammer: S6 / S15 / D4 / D16

-Fiesta 2010 Revival:
Napalm: S13 / S19 / S22 / D14 / D23

-Pro 2 Revivals:
Bang The Bass: S2 / S6 / S10 / S13 / HD7 / D8 / D15 / 2P7
Electrock: S1 / S3 / S8 / S14 / HD5 / D8 / D15
King of the Beats: S1 / S4 / S8 / S11 / HD8 / D7 / D16
Man vs. Mountain: S1/ S3 / S7 / S10 / D6 / D15
Memory: S2 / S4 / S7 / S12 / D9 / D12 / 2P5
Mind Your Matter: S2 / S5 / S8 / S13 / D4 / D15
Power Trip: S2 / S4 / S6 / S11 / D7 / D18
Smart Optics: S2 / S5 / S7 / S12 / D10 / D14
Swing The House: S3 / S6 / S9 / S14 / D5 / D11
We Are Loud: S2 / S4 / S9 / S14 / HD10 / D6 / D14 / 2P13

-New Charts:
Allegro Con Fuoco: 2P13
Chaotic WHITE: S16
Dream to Nightmare: D11
Esperanza: S18 / D18
Electric (Full Song): D16
Euphorium: D22
Gargoyle (Full Song): D24
Hot Issue: 3P16
Invincible: D16 / 2P15
Kitty Cat: 2P14
Maslo: S14
My Way: S15
Pumptris 8bit: HDB19 / D10
Procedimientos para llegar a un comun acuerdo: 2P12
Set Me Up: D13
Solitary (Sanxion7 Remix): D15
Span: HDB10
True: 2P13
Wanna: 2P13
Witch Doctor: D11
Venetian Staccato: D15

-All songs/charts that were locked are now unlocked by default and available to play.
-Music selection menu loads significantly faster
-BGA % Off is no longer saved to profile
-Infinity and Rhythm noteskin column spacing increased 2.5%
-Merged Classic and Pro selection screen into main mode select for faster menu navigation
-Widescreen cabinet support (16:9 mode), selectable in service menu
*(Widescreen does not support MK6 systems)
-Service menu overhaul makes it easier to understand and navigate
-Edit system no longer reboots machine on corrupted edit file (and it'll probably load, too!)
-Song eval screen shows options selected
-Difficulty display on shortcut stage sometimes not appearing is now fixed
-Doubles arrow placement is now aligned correctly
-Some fonts now look better
-New loading screen graphics
-Second page of charts now appear on songs with more than 15 charts
-Some songs now have more than 15 charts!

(md5: fb4c31f34d647194928b2550f5574f81)

(md5: 1f3cdd9b1556eb306e74c0f81a1dc218)

team infinity <3