Pump It Up Infinity Update Portal

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This update is in two parts. First, you must update with inf104.piu.
After that update is complete, you must update with inf105.piu.
It is safe to place both update files on the flash drive at the same time.

To apply patch, place update files in the root of your flash drive and
plug it in on the title screen. (Your credits will be saved once the
machine reboots.) Make sure flash drive is formatted "FAT".


-Major sync fix. Nearly every chart has a sync change.
-Fixed arrows splitting on some systems when a speed mod is selected.
-Added and modified 25+ charts.
-Added new songs. (Blow FULL, Blowin it Up)
-Replaced some charts so gimmicks will show up correctly.
-Added more randomization to the random background videos.
-Increased default system volume level.
-Fixed empty folder case when coming back from the song results screen.
-Fixed bug with routine mode hearts.
-Added audio differentiators between having a coin inserted and a credit
-Added loading graphics.
-Changed system loading graphic.
-Edits now support split timing features
-Compatibility with legacy PIUPRO 1 & 2 edits restored
-Edits now show up in their own channel
-Avatar system finalized - over 100 avatars added

team infinity <3