Pump It Up Infinity Update Portal

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Previous updates must be installed prior to installing 1.07

To apply patch, place update files in the root of your flash drive and
plug it in on the title screen. (Your credits will be saved once the
machine reboots.) Make sure flash drive is formatted "FAT" and not NTFS.


-New noteskins: NX, NX2, Soccer
-New charts added (We Are FULL S09, S15, D13; Don't Bother Me FULL S15;Kill Them Shortcut D19; Don't Bother Me D??)
-Added BGAs for Dance and Bubblegum Dancer

-Taking screenshots no longer crash the game
-Fixed NXA noteskin unable to be selected
-Fixed Interference S18 speed issue
-Fixed LastDayAlive's BGA loop
-Fixed Auto Velocity not working
-Fixed Party 4 U missing charts
-Fixed sync on some missions in mission zone
-Modified title card for Fresh to reflect correct artist

team infinity <3